I am trying to put together some thoughts on testing the various aspects of the Front-End to content based web sites (ie not web apps). I thought I would document the journey.

This is something I have been thinking about for some time. There are various aspects to the front-end architecture which I’d like to break down and think about individually.

Areas of Web Testing

Here are the areas which I think I’ll look at more closely.

  • Front-End Code Validation This is making sure that the code being created adheres to a decided set of standards.

  • Html Validation (Html Validator) Use a custom DTD so that you can specify decided upon exceptions to the rules: https://github.com/NeilCrosby/frontend-test-suite/tree/master/dtd
  • CSS Validation (CSS Validator)
  • JavaScript Validation (jsLint)
  • Check for broken links

  • Functional Testing

    • User journeys
  • Link Checking
  • Unit testing
  • Test Coverage

Current Reading List

Here are a few sites on an initial search which I’m going to glean some thoughts from.

Here we go!

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