British Red Cross Website goes live

It's great when a plan comes together, and it's with a lot of excitement that we at Aqueduct have launched the new British Red Cross website, the culmination of 18 months of hard work. I've written about a few findings during the course of this project and now you can finally see them in action.

british red cross

Accessibility and Usibility

Good accessibility and usability has been high on the agenda, and we have come up with some 'out-of-the-box' solutions to some common problems. One example I would like to show you can be found on the maps pages. We have used progressive inhancement to take an html page of semantic markup showing the content for the pin bubbles and then the locations arranged within the tree below. We have also included friendly links to google maps and geo tagging using Microformats (find out more on the microformats website) to enable search engines and enabled browsers to place each pin on a map.

british red cross - near youmaps page without javascriptnear you places tree without javascript

Juxtapo helped just a little...umm

juxtapo templates for british red crossWith 57 templates knocking about and constant refinement to the design one of the challenges I was faced with was making sure designs matched the current layout and that good communications were in place between the project manager's, designers and the front-end developers. Juxtapo gave us feedback inside the browser as to the progress on templates, it also allowed the front-end developers to overlay the current design to check for any inconsistencies.

So how's it doing in the wild?

The site proved itself immediately as Duncan Miller talks about on the Aqueduct post:

“With the launch coinciding with the launch of Red Cross’s disaster appeal for Pakistan it was of paramount importance that the site launch did not adversely affect donations. After one hour of being live the site took its first donation.”

Margaret O'Donnell, the British Red Cross head of digital media said:

“We’re delighted with this clear, informative and easy-to-use Aqueduct production. The online world is a critical platform for us to communicate with people, get them involved in our work, campaigns, raise funds and offer them opportunities to work with one of the largest voluntary movements in the world. Our new site is fast, intuitive and easy-to-navigate.”

There’s been a bunch of positive press so far…

Whilst this question is pretty risky, I am always looking to improve on the work that I oversee and take such pride in the coding of so:
How have you found the site?