Dave Taylor - Frontend Developer, Consultant, Mentor

Halo! My name is Dave Taylor, thanks for visiting my site. I hope to offer web developers some useful insight and help in our day-to-day roles. This page has a little about who I am and where I’ve come from for those interested.


Mayon Volcano, Philippies

I was born and grew up in the Philippines although both my parents are English. We lived on the edge of an active volcano called Mayon (which means beautiful). It was an amazing place to grow up, apart from when it errupted let’s just say that.

Early Career

I spent the first 10 years of my career in London where my love for the web and geekery grew steadily. I had the opportunity to work on some cutting edge projects with forward thinking creative agencies and clients from the likes of The FA and the RFU to The British Red Cross and Premier Inn.

Pogo Kid

I started Pogo Kid in the summer of 2012 and I now work from my office in Bath.

I’m ever curious, I love the creativity you can have with front-end technology. This is the time to be working with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and I’m living on the razors edge of these 3 fantastic technologies. Needless to say, it’s a lot of fun :o)

Work with me

I’m always open to talking with people in passionate teams wanting to produce great work. If you’re looking for someone who will not only be a developer on your team but will invest themselves in your project then give me a call. Take a look at my work with me page for more information.

You can take a look at my showreels or the projects category to see some examples.

Avatars and Images

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Dave Taylor Landscape
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Dave Taylor Square
Dave Taylor Tech Lead, Consultant, Mentor - portrait
Dave Taylor Portrait

Work with me

Dave is a cohesive team member, widely popular with his colleagues and always inspiring quality, exploration and innovation. One of the true ‘greats’ we’ve had the pleasure to work with

I believe in community, in inspiration and creativity. I believe it's an inspired team and a laser focus on the user's experiece that will produce the best results. I want to help frontend teams live inspired, be productive and scale better.