Some worthwhile reading

2nd Aug 2010

Some worthwhile reading

I've come across some really good articles recently which I thought I would share.

Responsive Web Design

There is a lot of talk going around about using CSS media queries to create flexible, fluid and responsive web sites. I have been doing some work at getting this website to restructure itself on smaller screens and I've found these articles really helpful.

A List Apart, Responsive Web Design

a list apart This article does a step by step walkthrough of a design made by the author.

W3C Media Queries Spec

This is the W3C spec, there are some further query parameters you can use which don't seem to be talked about much.

Styling the button element with css sliding doors

button sliding doors

If you have received designs with slylised buttons and wondered how to produce them in an accessible manner then this post on Styling the button element with css sliding doors is really helpful.

The top idea in your mind

I found this article on managing your ideas thought provoking and helpful. The top idea

The Ultimate Guide to A/B testing

If you're looking at the best ways to get people on a site to click a button or to sign up to a service then A/B testing done well could help out. The Ultimate Guide to A/B testing is a good place to start.


Let me know if you've come across any other useful sites.