A time to rejoice and a time to grovel

17th Jan 2012

Time to grovel, my gift to dan this morning was to erase all his hard work!! CRAP!!!!

Let me explain, Dan wanted to do a git commit but was confused when the files weren't appearing in the repository on Github. The reason for this was that he thought that

$ git commit –am “message”

would also add any files that weren't already in the index and it doesn't. All it does is add currently tracked files in to the staging area and commit them so you don't have to run 2 commands.

For any new files you have to run:

$ git add <files> $ git commit –am “message”


So we did a

$ git add .

Which adds all the untracked files in to the staging area ready to be committed to the repository. Then we realised that there were files in there that we didn't want to commit.

So in an attempt to move the files out of the staging area I rather stupidly (I blame it on um…kids sleep?? Cogh cogh)

$ git reset --hard

instead of doing:

$ git reset HEAD *

The rather unwelcome outcome being that all those uncommitted changes were lost!

Needless to say you will find me under my desk grieving the loss I have caused.

SORRY DAN. Beer on me.