BoA Vantage Points app, the React Native / Redux Challenge

23rd Mar 2016

BoA Vantage Points app, the React Native / Redux Challenge

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I begun this week with a challenge. I’ve got a bit of time between contracts and have been wanting to get my teeth into React Native so I gave myself the task to build and release an app to the AppStore in 5 days.

I live in a beautiful town just outside Bath called Bradford on Avon. One of the things I love most about living here is that it holds so many secret vantage points and views across the town and surrounding country-side. I will often wander out and take a different route in to work in the morning and stumble upon something new.

So I decided to make a little app celebrating these gems around the town. I’ve called it BoA Vantage Point.

Two and a half days in and I’m impressed what I have achieved using React Native. Internally I’ve used Redux for the central store and have built on top of the core view components which come with the library.

The list screen

This is a simple grid of the various points I’ve collated so far, I have a list of the places I need to get to and have been given suggestions of more that I haven’t yet discovered.

The vantage point screen

This is a scrollable view showing the large image, some information about how you can go and see the town from this point and a small map thumbnail allowing you to go and view the exact location on the large map.

The map screen

Each vantage point can be viewed on a large map, but you are also able to see them all on the map to get an idea of where they are around the town.

I’ve got two more days to get this polished off and submitted to the AppStore.