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Over the last 15 years I’ve given frontend leadership and development to global brands like Jaguar, Land Rover, Lloyd’s of London and Arrow Electronics. I love giving companies the opportunity to pack a punch and deliver the best experience to their users.

Ways I can help:

Tech Lead and Architecture

I will lead a team, set architecture and make sure they are working at their best

  • I base my decisions on tried-and-tested solutions
  • I analyse and make the most of current trends
  • I am experienced at communicating and leading teams

In addition to his mastery of the modern front-end stack he’s also great at teaching and passing on the knowledge, his time at VML has made a lasting impression on the department.

I have designed the frontend architecture of many large websites and HTML5 apps. These have included:

  • enterprise CMS builds for Lloyd’s of London, British Red Cross and Arrow Electronics
  • campaign sites for The FA and RFU;

I take a modular approach and work closely with designers as well as developers to achieve scaleable results.

I am keen to marry good inter-personal and communication skills with solid technical thought leadership enabling teams to grow in confidence and produce great work.

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Frontend Consultancy and Mentoring

I'll help you build a lasting culture of innovation and creativity

  • I encourage and guide emerging leaders within your team
  • I build a plan to level up frontend developer's skills
  • I focus the team on building a great product experience

He made a contribution to our front-end dev department that was beyond his job description and contractor role - much appreciated and admired by the rest of the team.

I want to see every frontend developer live inspired and creative. I believe we all have a child’s passion inside of us which wants to do great things.

I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity of unlocking this passion and to see groups of people tackle a project head on and become a team.

I like to work closely with the project leads to really get to know each member of the team, put in place a pathway for them to grow technically and to gain the confidence to lead others.

Ultimately I have two aims:

  1. To inspire the team and provide them with the skills they need to build great products

  2. To find and nurture emerging leaders to continue this work with those more junior than they are

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How you can get in touch


I generally get booked up a month or two in advance so please get in touch sooner rather than later so that we can discuss your project and timescales.

I am extremely protective of the high quality work and thought leadership I am able to provide my clients. To keep this high I focus on a single project at a time and am selective about the type of offers presented to me.

I appreciate having the opportunity to work with the great companies I have done and love discovering new ones. Get in touch and let’s have a chat.

Who I’ve worked with

I’ve been involved with a variety of clients ranging from individuals to government organisations.

I’ve worked with a wide range of creative marketing and advertising agencies. Here are a few and where they are based.

What Employers are saying

Tim Ellert, Founder, ESZ Consulting Ltd

“Having worked with Dave on various projects for both small and multinational clients I / we can highly recommend him. Dave has excellent technical / development skills and is very much at the cutting edge of new languages and methodologies. During his time working with ESZ Consulting he has successfully completed highly technical projects spanning from a few months to a few years! He is a valuable front end developer and an asset to any development team. Look forward to working with him again soon on the next project!”

Sarah Evison, Managing Partner, United Studios

“Having read the other recommendations on here I don’t think there is a superlative left to describe Dave. I concur with them all. Dave is an exceptionally skilled front end developer, passionate about his work, calm in delivery and genuinely a lovely person to have on your team.

When I have a project worthy of his talent, he’s first on my list!”

Rob Oubridge, Founder, Aqueduct

“Dave is an extremely talented front-end developer - without exception the most knowledgable and advanced in his area that we have ever worked with. In addition, Dave is a cohesive team member, widely popular with his colleagues and always inspiring quality, exploration and innovation. One of the true ‘greats’ we’ve had the pleasure to work with - I cannot recommend Dave highly enough either as a professional or an individual.”

Guillaume Buat-Ménard, Technical Director, TMW London

“David is an outstanding developer combining great coding skills, broad knowledge, agency mindset for delivery and wisdom. Dave is passionate about his craft and constantly improving frameworks, standards and is very active in the open source community, he is one of the very best developers I have worked with over the last 15 years.”

John Bown, Digital Operations Director, Aqueduct

“What can I say about Dave? He was a true star in the agency - no front-end site was too big or too complex for him to build. He was responsible for introducing new ways of working and for raising the bar in terms of HTML5 websites, web apps and responsive design.

Hopefully we work together again soon!”

What team-mates are saying

Ian Vaughan, Software Developer, Econsultancy

Dave came in and very quickly picked up tasks helping us during a large front end redesign. I think I can say anything that needed to be done, he could handle it, and it landed in our app working first time, looking good

Daniel Govan, Senior Interactive Web Developer, VML London

I’ve only worked with a couple of Ninja-class developers and Dave is one of them. In addition to his mastery of the modern front-end stack he’s also great at teaching and passing on the knowledge, and his his time at VML has made a lasting impression on the department. Only wish he could have stayed longer!

Katya Menshikova, Producer at VML London

Dave is an outstanding developer - proactive, fast, and adhering to best practice. Nothing fazes him; he’ll take on almost any front-end development challenge and he’ll do it with a smile on his face. Dave is continuously expanding his knowledge and what’s more, shares it with his colleagues, which is an inspiration to see. He made a contribution to our front-end dev department that was beyond his job description and contractor role - much appreciated and admired by the rest of the team. Dave was an absolute joy to work with and I’d work with him again any day.

What Clients are saying

Rakesh Thakkar, E-Commerce Consultant, Whitbread / Premier Inn

I had the pleasure of meeting Dave when he was assigned to one of my large scale development projects. During this time he successfully completed a multitude of development tasks. Dave communicates well and is not afraid to question the logic behind business requests. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Dave in the future, he is an asset to any team or organisation.

Connect with me

I am davetayls in most social places. Here are a few.

LinkedIn, Twitter, Github,

Give me a call on 07540817008, or email and we can discuss your project