Out of the Big Smoke

27th May 2013

Out of the Big Smoke

I have recently moved house and family away from London. It's been a mixed experience leaving behind the on-the-doorstep opportunities of London and searching for new ways to be part of the web community. I've had a few big decisions to make, and in the process have met some really great people.

Pogo Kid

I decided that I couldn't just let Pogo Kid go for the safety of a permanent role. I was sad to have to turn down a couple of really great opportunities but am excited about what I might be able to build. So I am now based just outside of Bath, England and working from a shared creative space in town.

Pogo Kid Creative Soil

One of my long-standing dreams is to be able to build a centre of innovation focusing on browser technologies. A place where there are people from different areas of web development whether it's agency or SAAS products, or even small offsite development teams that want to be part of an innovative group of people.

It'll be a while in the making but I am starting a new tradition to give 10 days of free development time away each year to an innovative idea. A bit like an extended hack day. This year I am working with a production agency in London on some exciting visual experiments running in the browser. I'll blog about it again when we have something out.

I would also like to keep a small number of spaces available for post grads or people new to the industry. These would be people who show a natural ability to push boundaries or provide elegant solutions to wider problems. These slots could cover work space and maybe even part fund living costs to enable them to spend 6 months to a year investing in new ideas.

I'm really passionate about inspiring creativity and innovation whether that's with the teams I work with remotely or whether that's part of a bigger future. If this resonates with you, if you're building something or dreaming something...let's have a chat.