Bugs Happen

20th Jul 2015

Bugs Happen

BUGS ... I feel like I've said a dirty word. Don't talk about it, it'll only depress you. But they're not that big a deal, it's just a part of development, we should just get on, persevere and clean them out. We probably waste more energy worrying about them than we would dealing with them sooner rather than later.

In a larger team, this can be heightened when the bugs are as a result of someone else's code. We become even more resistant to digging in to resolve them. We even see them as blockers to us completing our own tasks. This is crazy, are we not a team, we've got the same end goal.

Pull Requests are great, we love Pair Programming these things make us feel warm and fuzzy inside because we are getting to know the codebase better, there's shared understanding of the code. But I bet you you'll learn more about the codebase by fixing someone else's bug.

We all make mistakes, we all miss things, but we're part of a team and teams that work together have the most fun and produce the best work.

Thank you QA, I don't have to stress about missing the things you find and can just get it sorted.