A thought on GigStamp Collectives, gigging groups

11th Apr 2016

A thought on GigStamp Collectives, gigging groups

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I’m a big fan of creating stories from what we achieve and what we experience. Over the last few months I’ve been trying to come up with different ways we can build achievements in to GigStamp.

Once we’ve finished the current round of work on allowing you to take photos to put into your GigStamp we will be rolling out the first of our more community features called “Collectives”. Collectives will be a way of us music fans to rally together. Are your mates trying to get to all gigs on a tour for your favourite artist? Do you have a regular group who get out regularly?

I’m excited to see how we can make these stories and experiences you are building together even more memorable, within a scrapbook, maybe bringing a bit of healthy competitive fun to the group?

What if Collectives could compete against each other for distance travelled or the number of times one of you has seen an artist. It’s interesting to see how some fans already using status messages within the app to track the number of gigs they’ve been to. Maybe we can bake this in, and give you more.

GigStampers are counting … can we bake this in?

Our little community of GigStampers are quite something, I can’t believe the number of gigs you get to. I’m dreaming up new ways of celebrating it, and collecting the fun.