Exploring fp-ts Series Intro

19th May 2018

Exploring fp-ts Series Intro

We're using a lot more functional programming styles and pattens in our codebase. Part of getting better at using these patterns is knowing the tools available. Most of our codebase is TypeScript so we have chosen the fantastic fp-ts library.

I'm still maturing my fp understanding as well as exploring how it all works with fp-ts so I'll gradually build a series around our journey. I'll start with three of the most common use-cases our team needs to get their head around: handling nullable values, errors and async functions. I will try and expand on this in time.

Alongside this we've been reading Professor Frisby's Mostly Adequate Guide to Functional Programming along with his video series introducing composable functional javascript. It has been helping us navigate several new concepts and ways of thinking.

This series:

So let's make a start by heading over to Working with Nullable Values.

Cover Photo by Tuce on Unsplash