How to Create a Single Page App with NextJs

17th Jan 2022

How to Create a Single Page App with NextJs

NextJs is very useful for creating static websites but how do you configure it if you are building a single page application (SPA)? The setup isn't immediately obvious.

The key thing here is we don't want to build a page on the server when the path is dynamic.

Let's take a look at how you can set it up, it's actually pretty straight-forward.


The first piece of this puzzle is the rewrites function within next.config.js.

I can add rewrites to the beforeFiles option which will take a dynamic path and convert sections of it to query values.

In the example below I tell NextJs to render using the static page pages/contact.tsx but I have also told NextJs to match :contactId and make it available as a query on the router.

async rewrites() {
return {
beforeFiles: [
source: '/contact/:contactId',
destination: '/contact',

There are a few different options for the rewrite matches, take a look at the Rewrites documentation for more information.

Page and Router

The next piece of this puzzle is to use the router to get the query value. In this example I am pulling out a :contactId from the path.

export default function Page() {
const { query } = useRouter()
const contactId = query.contactId
return (
<AuthenticatedLayout title="Contact">
{contactId === 'new' ? (
<AddContactForm />
) : (
typeof contactId === 'string' && (
<ContactDetailPage contactId={contactId} />

The useRouter hook gives me access to the query variable which is an object with key: value. The NextJs rewrite has put the contactId on this object so we can access is directly.

We do need to do a bit of checks to make sure it is there, and that it is a basic string.

That's about it

There you go, you should notice that when you build your application the page is a simple static page. Really fast to load and it also has access to the path variable.

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