Why I Like Using TypeScript

26th Oct 2021

Why I Like Using TypeScript

TypeScript has been around for several years now and over that time has gone from something people scoffed at to an integral part of many open source projects and frameworks. This has been great for me, I really like using TypeScript and it's increasing popularity has made the day-to-day usage has become easier and even more fun!

I've been thinking. Why DO I like using TypeScript?? I mean there are times when I just rough it out in the ole JavaScript land but I always come back.

There's a sanity which lives in the TypeScript land, where I don't have to worry about so many gremlins hiding in plain site about to jump out and surprise you.

It also helps me plan new data structures and communicate to other developers what to expect when they inherit code which they have not written.

It feels like a gift to my future self, here you go Dave, have some cake instead of a black box of who-knows-what.

I know, I can be a pessimistic, worrying fellow sometimes and these little things just reduce anxiety and make me happy 👽

Here's to a few more years of happy TSing